Xander's Story

August 9th, 2012 our sweet Xander Kahle Vento passed away after 3 days in a coma from a swimming accident.  He was holding a little friend and stepped a couple steps too far where the water got a little deeper. His first instict was to hold her up above the water, thus pushing him down lower.  They were both found quickly and pulled out. Unfortunately Xander had most likely panicked because he did not like water on his face and taken in alot of water very quickly.  CPR was admistered by a nurse on the scene immediately.  After being care flighted directely to Cook Children's Hospital the medical team worked furiously to get him stabilized.  His lungs showed alot of damage, that he had taken in alot of water and also stomach contents from eating recently. His brain had suffered more oxygen deprivation than we knew.  Sadly after being in a coma until Thursday we were forced with the choice of taking our baby boy off of life support so he could go to his new peaceful home in Heaven.  We immediately agreed to help save others by donating as many organs as we could.  He saved his little friends life by holding her above water and we hoped that his heroism could also save others. Even though his 4 years here on earth with us were short, it was amazingly meaningful and all he brought was love and happiness everywhere he went.  We are so proud to be his parents and hope to live life more like our amazing son.  This site is to give back to the people who were so wonderful to us along our hearbreaking journey.  We will be donating every penny sold to the Organ Donors Association and back to Cooks Childrens Hospital.  Thank you for everyones love and support.


Misty & Cris Vento